K-9iQ is qualified in many fields of expertise through the National Dog Trainers Federation. The National Dog Trainers Federation (NDTF) was established in 1993 as a representative and educational organisation for the dog training industry, and is now the national representative body in Australia for dog trainers from all fields.

K-9iQ is the only Dog Training company in Melbourne to be recognised with a lifetime membership to the National Dog Trainers Federation through its founder Claude Bertoni, in recognition of continued constructive service to the dog training industry and commitment to excellence spanning 20 plus years. At K-9iQ you are in the best hands.

K-9iQ is accredited in the following areas as well as formally lecturing on the courses;

  • Qualified in Obedience and Socialisation,
  • Qualified in Canine Behaviour Specialist,
  • Security Dog Handler,
  • Service Dog Instructor,
  • Working Dog Instructor,
  • Substance Dog Instructor.