Confidence is Everything

Our training methods have been proven and tested in the real world on dogs currently working in Vic Police Dog Squad, Australian Federal Police, Corrective Services Victoria and the Australian SASR.

This stable and reliable approach is now available to the general public for you and your puppy.

Our Puppy Training develops a positive attitude in your puppy to life and its environment so that it grows with all the confidence it needs to face any and all challenges.

“Claude is an excellent communicator with both dogs and humans and implementing his advice really helped us to strengthen our bond with our pup and train her more effectively.”

Tarneit Victoria


Clarity of Communication

Our puppy education programme is state of the art and reflects the best possible way for your dog to develop according to how dogs are genetically meant to learn, not how people think they should learn.

Not all puppy training produces these lasting results. Don’t trust your puppy with well-meaning Amateurs. Your puppy needs the best possible start.

We empower you with all the skills you’ll need to understand and train your puppy well after the session has finished.

“Our puppy Jinx needed some help urgently. We fortunately found Claude and things changed immediately. Claude showed us how to get control of our pup in the nicest of ways and we now understand each other. Jinx is now calm and happy and knows just what is expected of her. My children were also included in the training which has made the whole family enjoy Jinx more. We will now be attending one of Claude’s centres to continue the training.”

Camberwell Victoria


Our Expertise

We come to you Anytime and Anywhere and help you and your puppy with;

  • Puppy behavioural issues such as destructive chewing, mouthing, toilet training and many more,
  • Understanding some of the basic skills your puppy will need as an adult, such as sitting, standing and walking on leash and coming back to you when called,
  • The importance of critical period socialisation, and how it shapes the adult dog, (8 weeks to 16 weeks typically )
  • Understanding that your puppy has drives and instincts and how they can be shaped to suit your situation,
  • Teaching your puppy self-control, so that it learns how to be self-sufficient,
  • Teaching your puppy about name recognition and the importance of this in day to day life,
  • Understanding that there are many different types of training equipment and how each works to best suit your needs,
  • A simple explanation of the Laws that impact on all dog owners and what it means in day to day life.