Bad Things Happen to Good Dogs

For those of us that have the miss-fortune to have had an incident with our dog and another dog or human, the situation can be very intimidating and hard to deal with. It doesn’t mean the dog is bad, it just means you need help.

During our many years, we have been involved in many successful cases where dogs have been saved from certain death.


How we can help

We come to you or wherever your dog is being retained and carry out a detailed assessment which is video-taped and unedited, so that interested people actually see what is being assessed.

Our assessments are considered and are not time-limited

  • We will put you in contact directly with leading legal representatives that will look after your case
  • We will lobby council on your behalf to have your dog released pending ongoing ‘qualified behavioural’ assistance with us
  • We will develop training strategies that will assist your dog in dealing with the issues that caused the problem to begin with
  • We will carry out these activities with care, consideration and respect
  • We will not take advantage of you when you are at your most vulnerable