Self-Control is Everything

Dogs do not deal with stress very well. Our world is not dog-friendly and our dogs need to adapt.

A stress-free dog is a happy dog.

K-9iQ teaches your dog the keys to stress relief, through Calmness, Self-Control and Patience. Most importantly, we show them how to apply these principles to day to
day situations and we help you to understand how to read your dog.

Good dog behaviour is about trust and knowing what to do and when to do it.

“During the session with Claude Jazz responded almost immediately and I felt confident with what I was learning. 3 days after our session Jazz and I met up with a friend who could pet Jazz for the first time ever, turned to me and said “Best money spent ever” and she was right, both Jazz and I are growing in confidence.”

Moonee Ponds


How we can help

Our Dog Behaviour Consultancy and Training is based on dealing with the causes of the behaviour, not just the symptoms.

Our training is scientifically based and practically proven to achieve results quickly. We have developed this approach having worked with many Dogs with varied problems over 20 plus years.

My mission is very simple. A GOOD Dog Behaviour Specialist should never rely on repeat business, as problems should be fixed fully.

“Claude possesses the often rare ability to communicate with animals as well as he does with humans and importantly is able to articulate the reasoning and science behind his methodologies.”

Wheelers Hill


Our Expertise

We come to you anytime and anywhere and help you and your adult dog or puppy with;

  • Digging holes
  • Destructive chewing
  • Pulling clothes off the line
  • Sound hypersensitivity
  • Escaping the home
  • Food theft
  • Fear of crowds and different locations
  • Dog to human aggression
  • Dog to dog aggression
  • Separation-related behaviour
  • Anxiety-based responses
  • Hyperactivity
  • Attacking livestock
  • Coprophagia and much, much more.

“Claude is professional, knowledgeable and spent as much time that was needed with our dogs and it was incredibly valuable to us for Claude to assess them in their own environment and on walks. I highly recommend him as a dog trainer and didn’t realise just how much solid dog training can improve your relationship with your pets. Now I feel like we’re better friends than before.”

Essendon Victoria


Guaranteed Results First Time

K-9iQ is able to resolve the vast majority of dog behaviour problems in just one session.

If for some reason we are not able to do this, follow-up sessions will be offered at significantly reduced rates until the issue is resolved. We will know this once we have assessed the problems your dog is experiencing.

We target the cause of the problem, not the symptoms and design a simple and straightforward training programme for you to follow on completion of our in-home session together.